There is already an Impossible Whopper at Burger King by Beyond Meat. It's understandable that KFC, struggling in a new Chick-Fil-A loving world, would offer this to customers. The plant based fried "chicken" will be available as a test at one KFC in Atlanta tomorrow, August 27th, 2019. If faced with a choice of this plant meat or the usual hormone laden chicken nuggets, it might seem a healthier option.

Just like the Whopper, it looks like the real thing. These pieces of fried breaded plant meat look more like nuggets, than chicken. I also see a future where these plant based offerings are actually cheaper on the menu than the real thing. Once it gets to scale, plant materiel is just cheaper and more efficient than raising cattle, or chickens. My concern is the nutritional value.

If you have a kid that won't eat anything that is not in nugget form, and the meatless option is cheaper, what would you do. If you are struggling to make ends meet, and need a quick and easy dinner, fast food is not always just the quick and easy option. It becomes the only option.

I don't think vegans are looking for a meat replacement. A causal vegetarian would love it, especially if they are younger children. I have heard of kids becoming vegan at a very young age due to their beliefs. I support that, but if not done correctly it could effect their growth and development. We are going down a new path when it comes to fast food. Just don't think that because it's Beyond Meat, that it's healthier.



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