Kids can set up cute and creative lemonade stands all over town if we become an official Lemonade Day city. But right now, Tyler has been left off the list.  Let's change that!

Lemonade Day is coming up in early May (usually the first Sunday), and Tyler kids won't be able to set up a stand unless we do something about it now.

At last check, Mount Pleasant and Fairfield had become official Lemonade Day cities, but Tyler and Longview had been left off the list.

To make Lemonade Day happen here, we can contact organizers at and tell them we're interested in making it happen in Tyler. Why not?!  And of course, Longview, Palestine, Kilgore, Athens, Van, Lindale, and any of our awesome East Texas cities can do it too.  We could have every city blanketed with lemonade stands on Sunday, May 2.  The weather will be warm, we will be thirsty, and it helps kids learn skills that will help them win at life.

Lemonade Day gives kids the chance to show off their entrepreneurial skills, it helps them set goals, develop a business plan, establish a budget, and provide good customer service. It first launched in Houston in 2007, and since then it's "grown from serving 2,700 kids in one city to 1 million children across North America," according to

Teachers can even register an entire class to be part of Lemonade Day, and they'll be equipped with lessons through a digital app or through a workbook.

But first, we've got to bring Lemonade Day to Tyler.  Click HERE to help make it happen.

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