Here in the U.S., we find all kinds of fun ways to celebrate what is arguably one of the most popular holidays here. We may enjoy a green beer or a shamrock shake, wear our "Kiss Me, I'm Irish T-shirts," even if we aren't actually Irish, or even go leprechaun-hunting in our backyards. This last activity is more enjoyable after the aforementioned green beer.

However, what if you could actually spend the day in an Irish pub? Well, unless you're ready to hop over to the Emerald Isle, there may be a fun alternative. What if you could inflate an Irish pub of your own in your backyard? Well, in can.

Thanks to a company called The Paddy Wagon, not only do you get the inflatable exterior and interior with vinyl printings of chimneys and brickwork, but you can even opt in for services inside. These range from the very real drinks you'd enjoy at a real pub, plus food like soda bread and Shepherd's Pie. Add on the live music and Irish dancers, and you're having a pretty authentic experience...well, *almost.*

OK, East Texas entrepreneurs...we are ready for our own inflatable Irish pub St. Patrick's Day experience. ;)

Have a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day.

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