This week, Texas opened up vaccine eligibility to all adults in Texas, and so far over ten million vaccine doses have been administered in the Lone Star State.

When you get vaccinated, you'll receive a card telling you which vaccine you received, the date, and whether or not you're fully vaccinated or need a second dose.

The card can get you some nice freebies, but it could it also be required if you want to travel, go to a game, or take a cruise.

Forbes reports that many venues and businesses will likely require you have proof of vaccination to take advantage of their services. Until a digital vaccine passport system becomes viable, you'll need to keep that paper card on you and keep it safe.

KVUE-TV reports that Staples, Office Depot, and OfficeMax stores will laminate your card for free, and the CDC is recommending you take a pic of your card just in case you need it. (Note: You probably shouldn't post the card to social media before blurring any personal information just in case.)

If you lost your vaccine card, don't panic. The CDC has a guide on what to do, and recovering it could be easier than you think.

Once you're vaccinated, there are still things you can and should do to protect others until they can get vaccinated too.

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