We are heartbroken over this story of one of our sweet East Texas families. What an incredible burden they are facing.

Two weeks ago or so, Kate Jones, who was 27 weeks pregnant, received a Covid-19 diagnosis. As if that wasn't difficult enough, she was later diagnosed with pneumonia. Per her sister-in-law, Patricia McGaughey and her husband, Patric (Kate's brother), she was at Hospitality ER because she was having trouble breathing. The doctors had to intubate her to help her breathe.

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Some time after, Kate Jones was transported to Medical City in Plano where she was told by doctors she would need an emergency C-section to deliver their infant son, Levi. Her husband Blake has been spending time with her and Levi as much as possible, while also needing to be back home with their daughter.

In the midst of this heartbreaking situation, the McGaugheys set up a GoFundMe account to help the Jones Family deal with the considerable medical bills they'll soon be facing. This will also help Blake, Kate's husband, to spend more time helping his family during such an incredibly difficult time.

Update as of 8/6/21 from Patric McGaughey:

"Kate had a setback early this morning. Her respiratory rate increased as her oxygen saturation decreased. Unfortunately they had to re-intubate her and place her back on the ventilator. She is currently sedated. Please pray for her body to continue to recover as she stays sedated today.

We will update later this evening."

If you would like to contribute to the fund to help this family going through what must truly exhausting and disconcerting, you can find it here.

All of us here are sending love to the Jones' family during this time as they focus on getting Kate and baby Levi strong and well...and HOME. <3

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