Things that get ya thinking....Why isn't the day after the Super Bowl a holiday? What's really behind the fence at Area 51? Who is DB Cooper? Ranked among some of the greatest modern day mysteries is one that has seriously been grinding my gears forever....and it may finally be resolved.

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Especially this time of year, the question looms across the country. Why do hot dogs come in packs of 10, and hot dog buns in packs of 8? WHY? Who was the genius that decided to stress out consumers on a yearly basis? Is there some logical reason for the debauchery that we should all be aware of, because I'm ready to listen.

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Well voices, like mine, are about to be heard thanks to Heinz. The condiment company is ready to get to the bottom of the hot dog/ bun madness. The company wants to broker a deal to make things right between the hot dog companies and bun companies.

The Mission

The company has launched the “Heinz Hot Dog Pact”, which is a petition to encourage hot dog and hot dog bun manufacturers to sell their products in packs of 10. The petition website lays out their plan saying,

"Hot dog wieners come in packs of 10. Hot dog buns come in packs of 8. WHY?! As the condiment that has been bringing foods together for over 150 years, we’ve decided enough is enough. That’s why we started the Heinz Hot Dog Pact. We’re calling on Big Bun and Big Wiener companies to find the answer to this hot dog packaging mismatch, once and for all. We need your signatures more than ever. Let’s change hot dog history together."

If you, like myself, are hopeful this craziness finally reaches an end, you can sign the petition here. Heinz is hoping to gather at least 5,000 signatures to support their cause.

Will it work? One can only hope.

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