My Facebook friend Lisa has been bragging about her new COVID puppy. She and her husband searched far and wide to find a baby sheepdog. His name is Wallace and they call him Wally. He is SO STINKING CUTE.

Another friend of mine, Liz, has been boasting about her incredibly cute and precious Schnauzer. Her husband hopped on a plane last week to go get him from another state. They named her Penny.

I wish I had a COVID puppy to call my own. I am not allowed to have any pets in our apartment, although they did let my 9-year-old daughter Willow adopt two male guinea pigs last year. (She named them Cupcake and Nightmoon Ninja.)

To soothe my envious heart, I have been enjoying the photos of all the adorable doggies looking for a new furever forever home on the Pets Fur People Animal Shelter's Facebook page.

Over the weekend, they shared doggie pics of Scooter, Blacky, Duke, Daisy, Coco, and Duncan. Some of these pups were surrendered by families and others are strays. You can view some of the cats and dogs waiting to be adopted into your loving arms here or report a missing or found animal here.

A couple of years ago, my daughter Willow loved to participate in a walk-a-dog program that a Humane Society had offered in our town. We walked two dogs in the dog park area that was next to the shelter. The last dog we walked was named Junior, and we loved him to pieces. We wished we could have adopted him, but my apartment managers did not allow us to have any cats or dogs unless we had a doctor's note about needing an emotional support animal.

There was also a cat at the shelter that I longed to adopt, his name was Pepper! The loveliest gray and white cat I have ever seen in my life. Pepper had a sweet disposition and would have fit right in with my family. He certainly fits right in with my heart, to this day. I still get a little weepy thinking about how much I wanted to adopt Pepper but was not allowed to. Pepper, wherever you are, I LOVE YOU!

Please excuse me for just a moment, I have to go wipe my eyes. Somebody must be in the room cutting onions near me.

Isn't it something how we humans can become so attached to dogs and cats? I have a deep respect for the employees and volunteers who work at Pets Fur People. It takes a lot of strength to be around so many dogs and cats who need to be adopted and hearing their cries and barks begging to be freed from their tiny cages.

If you want to become a Pets Fur People volunteer, you can fill out their application here. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go watch Secret Life of Pets to lift my mood and think about Pepper the Kitty.

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