In a staff meeting recently we were discussing dreams and goals when a co-worker suggested that someone's dream was to have a food truck serving panzerottis. Which left many of asking, 'what's that?'

It turns out we all wanted one after we heard the description. Our boss who has Italian heritage, and is from the north east explained that this deliciousness is basically a fried calzone. Not just a delicious pizza turnover, but it's also fried.

Now you want one, too, don't you?

Well, you could attempt to make one at home. Here's a video that shows how they are made by one street vendor in Italy. Or you could take a trip north to Jersey to have one at Vincent's.

Vincent's is known as the American birthplace of the panzerotti, and our co-worker would tell you have the best. Don't believe me? Watch this guy order one and enjoy it on his blog.

I've got a new restaurant to add to my bucket list.


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