Maybe you've seen a few green lights around East Texas this week.  At work, on the front porch, and on college campuses, people are replacing white lights with green bulbs to show support for veterans.  And it's easy to become part of the movement.

The Greenlight a Vet movement says changing out a bulb is one simple thing we can do to honor veterans and thank them for all they've done for us.  Shining green lights on our neighborhoods, and across East Texas, and across America sends the camouflage effect if there are enough people and neighborhoods involved.  So far, the movement says there are about 5 million online check-ins showing support.

You can map your support by entering your zip code, you can change a white bulb to green, or you can change your profile pic to include the green filter that the Greenlight a Vet campaign posts on its website.

Any veterans in your family?  My dad is a US Navy veteran who keeps quiet about his service and never expects to be recognized for it.  I can Greenlight him, and that's a subtle way to say thanks.

Veterans Day is November 11th.

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