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Veteran's Day is Thursday, November 11th and Classic Rock 96-1 is teaming up with RNR Tire Express to salute our national heroes.

Countless men and women have proudly served our country with countless more doing the same today and tomorrow too. After serving our country many of these men and women often return to civilian life and blend in with the rest of us. We would like to take a moment to thank all these servicemen and women for service to our country and be recognized for the work they did on our behalf.

With Veterans Day coming up Thursday, November 11th we want to recognize our East Texas veterans on the air with a little help from you. Simply nominate a veteran that you know right here in East Texas so that we can recognize them on Classic Rock 96-1. When you nominate them, they'll also be qualified to win a special t-shirt from RNR Tire Express.

Veterans can also qualify to win a 2021 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited.

RNR Tire Express has partnered with Yokohama and they are giving away a 2021 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited motorcycle in the Next Door Heroes Motorcycle Giveaway. To qualify all a veteran needs to do is text the word - hero - to 77000 or visit this site to enter to win.

All entries must be from a veteran and is open now through November 13, 2021. For complete rules visit this site.

The 2021 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited contest is not affiliated with Classic Rock 96-1 and is an independent contest that is sponsored by RNR Tires and Yokohama and is conducted by RNR Tires.

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