We know this already.  Not all Black Friday sales are great deals.

But how can we tell?

There's a certain percent off that's average, and it's the marker for all other sales to be compared to.

The website Wallethub ran the numbers for the most popular stores and more than five thousand items, and figured out that the average Black Friday discount is around 40 percent.  It's 39.45 percent, actually.  So all other sales can be measured by that landmark.  If you find a flat screen for 50 percent off, that's an above average sale, and an amazing deal.  Snatch it up!  If you find bath soaps that are 20 percent off, ehh, that's not a super deal.  Look for at least 39 percent off, and you can rest assured that you're saving lots of money, and that it might be the rock bottom price for that item.  A better deal probably won't come around again.

Wallethub also shows us which stores offer the best discounts, and which ones aren't so good.

I LOVE a coupon, and I'll drive across town for a great sale.   This is helpful info for all of us bargain hunters.  The question is, are you going shopping at the actual store, or will you do most of the Black Friday shopping online?

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