Tragedy struck early in the New Year as a Dallas mother lost her life while suffering from the flu, leaving her family in disbelief.  KENS 5 reported that Nita Negrete of Oak Cliff is the 11th flu-related death in North Texas as of Friday (January 5) per the Dallas County Health and Human Services.

The devoted wife and mother of three developed a slight cough on Christmas eve, and didn’t pay it attention until a few days later.  While the cough persisted she told her mom that it didn’t seem serious at first, but she thought the cough was going to kill her because it did not feel like a regular cough.

Nita went to the hospital and indeed it was the flu. She was treated and was prescribed medicine and they sent her home, but a couple of days later her health got worse.  The flu progressed into pneumonia and they rushed her back to the hospital.

Nita spent days on machines while her family hoped for the best. However, she lost her fight and died on January 3rd.  While her family is making arrangements for Nita’s funeral her sister wanted to issue a strong message to everyone.

Get checked immediately! Regardless of whether or not you can afford it, whether or not you have insurance. Life is more important.

Walgreens Flu Index
Walgreens Flu Index

The Texas Department of Health and Human Services says if you get sick, stay home until you are well and in order to prevent the spreading of germs. Plan ahead, stock food and medicine that will last several days for family and pets.  Also, check into alternative work options and child care in case your family gets the flu.

For more information on flu vaccination locations in your area, call 2-1-1 or get updates at Texas Flu.


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