Earlier this week on our Facebook page, we asked for your help with ideas on where one of our interns can take a date out for a first date.

He's a little nervous because he's just getting back in to the dating scene after being out of it for nearly 2 years.

The responses varied of course, but all were good suggestions -- after the jump.

The answers you gave included:

  • Shoguns because they break the ice with all the action.  I think this is a good idea (especially if you are shy) because it does take some of the pressure off of trying to make conversation and/or be funny.  Let the cooks do the hard work!  By the way, Yamato is also a good hibachi grill!
  • Church!  I think this is a good idea, but maybe not for a first date.  It's important to make sure you have the same religious views, but that conversation might be a little too deep for a first date.
  • Several of you had good ideas of how to save money (good tips with the price of gas these days)!  From drinking beer and playing cards at home, to watching a movie at home.  Thanks to Lance for the idea of the safari at Brookshire's.  This is a fun time...especially if one or both of you already have kids that you can bring along.  These are all good ways to chill and get to know each other...without much pressure.
  • Some other ideas included going out to eat at Sonoma Grill or Villa Montez.  Also, shooting pool and bowling made the list.

Thanks to everyone who participated!  As an added bonus, here's the movie trailer for one of the greatest dating movies of all time, "50 First Dates."