If you're anything like me, you avoid using public bathrooms at all cost. If you could - you would take your potty like this little one in the picture -- however, when the need arises, you have no choice to use the dreaded public restroom. The following list is designed to help you in knowing where the best place to "go" is. If you happen to be at one of these establishments when mother nature calls, you can rest assured you will have a pleasant "experience." No need to hold it when you have nice bathrooms like these!

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    The bathrooms at Kohl's on South Broadway in Tyler are very nice and clean. The restroom is always stocked with supplies and there is a "clean" smell. Lighting is good, the soap has a good scent.

    The most important feature I look for is the door. Do I have to touch the door in order to exit? Nothing frustrates me more than washing my hands and then having to touch the door knob or handle in order to exit the restroom. The bathroom at Kohl's opens without a latch, so it can be pushed by backing in to the door, or by pushing it open with your elbows!

    Another nice feature Kohl's has is a "Family Room" for parents to use to change their children separate from the other restrooms. This family restroom also has a much smaller children's size toilet that my kids think is cool!

    Jeff Evans, TSM
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    BJ's (Loop 323 in the Broadway Square Mall parking lot in Tyler) restroom is very nice. The bathroom is clean and smells good. The lighting is low and the decorations are simple, yet elegant. There is a baby change table in the "handicap stall." The soap smells good and paper towels are easy to dispense. The toilets flush automatically and you push the door to exit! No need to touch the door handle to exit!

    Jeff Evans, TSM
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    Cheddars (on South Broadway in Tyler) bathroom is nice and clean and the soap smells good.  You are also able to touch the toilet with you foot to flush.

    A couple of negatives for this bathroom are that it features a highly unsanitary "air dry" machine.  There is also no baby changing table in the bathroom Talk about the bathrooms No Change Table Had to touch the door when to leave Paper towel was in an "echo friendly" device that didn't work unless you touched it. Had highly unsanitary "air dry" for hands Could flush toilet with foot (hate touching the handle)

    Jeff Evans, TSM
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    I-20 The HWY 271 Exit

    My favorite bathroom we visited it the one at the Travel Plaza at Highway 271 and Interstate 20 - just north of Tyler.  The bathrooms are large (as you would expect with a high traffic area off the interstate).  They are immaculately clean, in fact, they were cleaning the sinks while we were there.  

    The sink area is large and features no touch faucets.  There is also a hand sanitizer dispenser as you enter/exit the bathroom.  The toilets are also no-touch! The best part about the bathroom is that there is no door at all.  You don't have to push or pull a door open to exit because the bathroom is located down a long hallway type entrance!

    Jeff Evans, TSM
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    Country Tavern

    Country Tavern's (in Kilgore) bathrooms are a treat for the discriminating user. Though the handle on the toilet is up high so you can't kick it to flush (if you don't use your hands to flush you avoid ALOT of icky germs). The soap smells nice and we like that there was paper towel to dry your hands. The thing that stood out the most was that we were not expecting such a fancy bathroom (black and chrome bathroom) for such a "country bbq" establishment.

    Jeff Evans, TSM