The older a guy gets, the fewer excuses he has for spending the entire day in bed. Men need a valid reason to stay lounged in the vertical position for 24 hours. A hot woman is a good reason, but even they eventually want to get up and rejoin civilization. Maybe they wouldn’t be so eager to leave if a guy owned the Hi-Can or ‘High Fidelity Canopy’ bed. There would be no reason to go anywhere.

The Hi-Can bed features blinds that enclose the sleeping area, a state-of-the-art sound system, reading lights, a built-in PC and a retractable projection screen at the foot of the bed that also works with game and entertainment consoles. Everything is wired up to a central control panel.

The bed can also be custom made to fit any area and allows for the addition of other equipment and appliances. We all know the other appliance they are referring to — the mini-fridge.

The bed sells for 42000 Euro which equals $57,867.60 American dollars. We’ve got the $.60 but the rest is going to be hard to round up. Maybe there is some loose change under our mattress. Nope. Found an entire ham though. Wondered where that went.

[Via Hi-Can]

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