‘That Metal Show’’s Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine recently interviewed Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses for an upcoming episode of the show, set to air on VH1 Classic on Nov. 11. On Trunk’s radio show last night (Nov. 4), he talked about the epic interview and teased a few clips for listeners.

Interviewing Axl after a three hour show in Florida, Trunk and Florentine said that Rose was in good spirits and nothing was off topic. Trunk was impressed with Axl’s vocal performance throughout the monstrous set, calling his vocals flawless and ‘spot on.’ Rose responded humbly saying, “I had a good night. It’s not an anomaly, but I did have a good night, and I have been taking care of my voice. I do warm-ups before the show, I do warm-downs after the show, I do those religiously.”

When asked about his preparation before each show Rose was quick to defer to the rest of the band, “Well, everybody in this band has their own physical regimen they have to go through.” For his own preparation, he said, “I do a lot of cardio when I can, or when I can force myself to. But yeah, you’ve got to get your wind up, and you’ve got to get your head in the right place and go out and do it.”

Trunk also talked about vocalists potentially painting themselves into a corner by singing particular iconic songs in a higher register and Rose was quick to admit that, “I did that, with ‘You Could Be Mine,’ the first time I had to play that live, I was like ‘what did I do? What have I done, I have to sing this live now!”

The full ‘That Metal Show’ interview with Rose will cover a broad range of topics including ‘Chinese Democracy’ and why Guns N’ Roses is notoriously late to their own shows. It will also include a live performance of ‘Live and Let Die’ from the Florida date. Tune in Nov. 11 for the full show or listen to the clips from Trunk’s radio show below.

Listen to Clips of Axl Rose’s Interview with Eddie Trunk:

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