Why spend your lunch hour inside your office under the florescent lights, or hidden away at home, when you can head to historic downtown Kilgore, Texas and enjoy the outdoors while listening to live music?

For the month of May, when the weather can be so very lovely, grab an outdoor chair, grab your favorite to-go lunch, and head over to the 'World's Richest Acre' to enjoy some free concerts! They'll be singing under those signature oil derricks and entertaining you as you dine.

And speaking of lunch, there are various Kilgore eateries that can provide you with some delicious options. And hey, you'll be supporting East Texas businesses at the same time!

And what time should you arrive? They're happening on the rest of the Tuesdays this month from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

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We already know how much live music has a positive effect on our states of well-being. Recent Australian studies confirm it truly makes us happier. Wanna take a look? We wrote about that here.

Not to mention we're social creatures. That means for many, just being around other people can give your a boost and help you return to your office energized and likely ready to be more productive.

Wanna take a look at who is playing when? Here's what we know, directly from the Kilgore Main Street Facebook page:

Tuesday, May 3 -- Sheila Small

Tuesday, May 10 -- Jim Taylor

Tuesday, May 17 -- The Kirbys

Tuesday, May 24 -- Chris Rasco

The 'World's Richest Acre' is downtown Kilgore is located at 100 N Commerce. Ready to learn more? Connect with them via their Facebook page here.

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