When it comes to getting the funding you or your family member need for a college education, navigating the world of financial aid and grant opportunities can be quite the adventure. Thankfully, The Tyler Area Partnership for Education is here to help.

This upcoming Monday, February 25, from 4 to 7 p.m., those interested in getting a little guidance in this process can attend "Money for College Monday," at the TISD Career & Technology Center - Tyler ISD, located at 3013 Earl Campbell Pkwy in Tyler.

Hosted by the Tyler Area Partnership for Education, students and/or a parent should go online to fsaid.ed.gov and create your FSA ID before the event. That way, you'll be ready to effciently login, sign, and submit your application when you're at the event.
 What else should you bring?
You'll want to make sure and have a copy of a 2017 1040, 1040A, or 1040 EZ income tax return(s). That includes those of both parents and student, if applicable.
Also, any 2017 W2 wage statements, and if you have them, 1099 form(s).

In addition, have the following information on hand: any applicable net worth information from the students' or parents' current business or investments, the month AND year parents were married, divorced, or separated, child support received or distributed, workers' comp info, social security, disability amount(s) received, if any, and any other income. This may include income from rental properties, investments, or agricultural-related monies received.

Note: If you or your potential student are a permanent resident of the U.S., but NOT a U.S. citizen, be sure and have any applicable registration numbers on hand.

Want more information or want to contact the Tyler Area Partnership for Education? Get more here.

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