Are you up for an insane burger challenge?  This monster is topped with fried eggs, bacon, and more, and a Tyler restaurant has the chance to stuff your face with it this weekend.

ETX Brewing Company has been hard at work on an expansion that has them serving food now, after several years making a name for themselves with the beer. And apparently, they have no qualms about topping a burger with breakfast and side dishes.

There's an option to Build Your Own Burger on the standard menu, but I don't think anyone has ever built one like this.  The burger they're serving up for the eating challenge this weekend is just too wild for even the most creative burger lover to think of, and it might keep you full for a week.

The burger that will be the centerpiece of the Porch at ETX Challenge Competition challenge is "A 2 lb burger topped with 4 fried eggs, bacon mac n cheese fries, fried onions, and drizzled with sweet heat then served with 3 pounds of fries making this over a 5 lb meal."  And of course we'll chase it with a Diet Coke.  Wow.

If you can polish off all of that in 30 minutes or less, you'll get your get your picture on their wall of fame, the meal is free, and you get a t-shirt to take home.  (And cross your fingers it fits the next day.)  It costs $50 to enter the contest, but you get that back if you can conquer the burger.

To enter the contest, send a private message to ETX Brewing Co. on Facebook, or email  And then stop eating right now so you're good and hungry for the contest.  It's  Saturday, June 9th 3:00 at the Porch at ETX in Tyler.

You'll have plenty of time to burn it off before it's time to grill more burgers on Father's Day.  Good luck.

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