There are a lot of athletes out there who give off the impression that they are all big and bad. People assume that because they play tough, that they are tough off the field. While in some cases that may be true, not everyone is like that, like Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade for example.

Back in April, Nicole Muxo, a high school senior in Florida, made a YouTube video requesting Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade as her date for her senior prom. She knew he was in the middle of playoff season, but there's no harm in just asking right? After more than 200,000 views and a ton of media support, Nicole hadn't gotten a response from Wade. So she continued on with her prom plans, even finding a date, assuming Wade was a no-show.

Little did Nicole know that Wade had some tricks up his sleeve. He said he never responded to the request because he wanted to see what his schedule would be like for playoffs. Luckily, after Miami knocked Chicago out of the running, the Knicks and Pacers still locked in a tense series giving Wade some spare time. He used that to his advantage.

Check out the video and see just how Dwyane used his big heart and star power to bring joy to a deserving senior. You can also see Nicole's original video below!

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