We love to see stories like this one where a group of kids who got messed over by greedy adults gets the opportunity to shine in spite of it. A Longview dance team recently traveled out of state for a dance competition that wasn't to be but after some improvisation and help from social media, the girls got the opportunity to perform on a much bigger stage than the one they were supposed to be on.

The Sensational Prancerettes From Longview Were Preparing For A Competition In Baton Rouge last year.

According to CBS 19 and the Longview News Journal, Keshauna Willis, Head Coach and Owner of The Dancing Den, home of the Prancerettes, shared the story of what happened last year at about this time when the team gathered up thousands of dollars in travel costs and registration fees from parents and the community to compete in a dance competition in Louisiana. Upon arriving, they discovered that the competition was not happening. While the "promoter" of the event claims that it was "cancelled" and teams were refunded their money, Willis and her team were still left out in the cold without any recourse.

So They Hosted Their Own Showcase While In Baton Rouge That Caught Folks Attention


Instead of going home, the ladies improvised and hosted their own impromptu showcase which was posted on the internet and caught the attention of the New Orleans Pelicans NBA franchise. The team reached out and offered the team a chance to perform before their game against the Phoenix Suns on March 15th and team happily obliged.

Congratulations To The Sensational Prancerettes and we hope you future stars are enjoying the spotlight!

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