We know the free birthday meals are out there, but how do we get them?  Sometimes it's an entree, sometimes it's an appetizer, and sometimes it's dessert.

This list might make it easier to plan your birthday attack, and eat all day long.

For most of these places, you need to sign up for the email list, and they'll send you coupons to redeem on your big day, or sometime during your birthday month.  So even if your birthday isn't until August, you can do the legwork now and watch the free food vouchers roll in this summer.

One blogger came up with 101 Restaurants with Free Food on Your Birthday, and here are just a few of the highlights about what you'll get.

Applebees - Free Dessert

Arby's - Free Milkshake

Auntie Anne's - Free Pretzel

Blimpie - Free 6" Sub

Buffalo Wild Wings - Free Snack-sized Wings

Cracker Barrel - Free dessert

Starbucks - Free drink

Subway - Free 6" sub and dessert

Red Robin - Free burger

Waffle House - Free Waffle

Again, in most of these cases you've got to join the mailing list, but in a few cases (like Cracker Barrel), you just have to tell your server it's your birthday, and they'll bring out the dessert.

And clap and laugh and go nuts when the servers come out to perform the semi-embarrassing choreographed little happy birthday number that their boss is making them do.  They'd probably rather be cleaning the bathroom sink.

Have a very Happy birthday, and enjoy the spoils!

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