Have you every tasted a soda from a can or a bottle and thought, 'this doesn't taste right?' It could be expired.

Recently a box of canned soda was placed into the fridge here at the radio station after sitting in a room for about three years. An employee opened it, and shared that it didn't taste good at all.

From personal experience, I can tell you they do start to taste funny. A couple of years ago, I was addicted to Diet Coke. I drank several each day. I bought them for home and work. It was kind of an obsession.

When I went to my mom's house she would keep the soda on hand for me, and once when I was there I had an awful experience. The soda tasted metallic. That's the best description I can think of to tell you how strange it tasted.

I asked her where it came from, and she told me she had bought it several months ago when it was on sale and kept it in the pantry. Thinking to myself, 'does it expire?' I looked at the bottom of the can. Sure enough, it had a 'best by' date on it. That date was nine months earlier. I could taste the difference.

I poured it out, and suggested my mom clear out her stores. I also agreed to start bringing my own soda with me, because the bad soda flavor was that bad!

According to EatbyDate.com, soda that is unopened will last about 6-9 months, but once you open it that changes. The soda is then only good for about a day.

Personally, I gave up sodas and mostly drink water now. Sometimes I purchase sparkling water and add flavored nutritional supplements to it, because I enjoy the bubbly sensation of the carbonated water.

In case you're wondering, soda kinda expires! Consider yourself warned.

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