What the hell, East Texas? Whoever is adding to the evil of 2020 needs to stop right now. It's not funny and your going to get someone hurt or killed. But obviously, whoever you are, you do not care about anyone.

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2020 has been a year to forget. So much evil and hate and disrespect and not caring for others keeps getting thrown around and personally, I'm sick of it. Which makes this act by a despicable East Texan even worse.

Someone is making caltrops and dropping them on Interstate 20 between Lindale and Van. These devices are made of rebar, are very sharp and will blowout a tire or tires. If you are one of the many who enjoy riding horses, these devices can injure your horses hooves if stepped on.

These are instruments that are deliberately made by someone with some welding skill and has the tools to cut and grind the rebar. That's something you don't find just anywhere. If you even have an inkling about who may be doing this, report it please. With everything going on this year, can someone just please do the right thing for once.

Come on East Texas, we're better than this.

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