David Bowie has never had a number one album on the Billboard 200 chart, but that could happen now, a week after his death.

The new album "Blackstar" was released last Friday, on David Bowie's 69th birthday.  He died two days later, on January 10th.

Now the Hollywood Reporter says the album is poised to debut at number one, selling more than 130,000 copies and booting Adele from the top slot. The sales week ends today (January 14th), and then the final tallies will be announced.  Before this, David Bowie's highest-charting album was his last album in 2013, when "The Next Day" debuted at #2.

Would fans have snatched up the Blackstar album as feverishly without his death?  Who knows.  It's gotten positive reviews and it may have sold just fine on its own.  But many fans are looking for ways to remember and embrace David Bowie's legacy, and owning his last work is a quick way to accomplish that.

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