Yesterday we gave away 2 pair of tickets for tonight's Western Conference Finals game at the American Airlines Center in Dallas!  The Mavericks will be taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder and Will Harvey of Tyler and Gabriel McBride of Chandler will be there!  There is good news for you too!  We have 2 pair of tickets for game 2 of the series which will take place on Thursday night in Dallas!  More after the jump.

It's easy to enter to win these tickets.  Visit the 96X Facebook page and click on the tab that says "Dallas Mavericks - Western Conference Finals."  There you will be given all the details on how to submit your entry.  Deadline is 12noon tomorrow (Wednesday 5/18).

As far as the series it self, do you think the Mavericks having over a week off is a good thing for them...or a bad one?  Some say that they need the rest because they are an older team, but others say they Mavericks were on a roll and this break is the last thing they needed.  The Thunder just finished a tough series with the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday, so they have had no rest at all.  The Thunder are a younger team, so do they even need the rest? says one of the more important things in this series is that Dallas has home court advantage:

Dallas has home court advantage, which should come in handy; Oklahoma City has gone 2-3 on the road in these playoffs and 6-1 at home. Dallas showed an ability to win on the road by taking Game 6 in Portland against the Trail Blazers and sweeping the Lakers in Games 1 and 2 in Los Angeles. But that won't matter this week, as the Mavericks -- undefeated in the playoffs at home -- play host for the first two games.

With all that being said, we'll find out tonight if the Mavs seem sluggish...or if they see refreshed by the week long break.  Besides, what's really important are the cheerleaders for both teams.  Here's video of both squads!

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