Near Houston, in Baytown, Texas, a couple who decided to treat themselves to the "Buc-ee's Experience" were forced out by a store manager because of the vehicle they drove into the parking lot.

It's no secret that Buc-ee's has become a true Texas icon. People from ALL over the country, and even the world, have made it a point to stop by Buc-ee's to enjoy the food, clean restrooms, shopping, and to have the entire experience. In fact, some people have made entire road trips based on stopping at as many Buc-ee's stores as is humanly possible before needing to make another pit stop at...yep, another Buc-ee's.

And typically, people sing the praises of Buc-ee's after leaving the store. And truly, there is much to like about Buc-ee's stores.

However, the first (and likely last) visit Dawn and Richard Thompson made to the Buc-ee's in Baytown, Texas was a much different experience.

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Although I'd noticed there weren't many semi-trucks at the Buc-ee's locations I've visited, I only learned last week that Buc-ee's has a strict NO SEMI-TRUCKS policy. Did you know that?

And what makes the story even more surprising is the fact that the couple was planning to spend a significant amount of money in the store.

According to a report from, "Inside the store, Dawn Thompson picked out about five outfits in roughly 30 minutes for her grandchildren. Then while the two were exploring the massive wall of beef jerky, two Buc-ee's employees confronted the couple."

Dawn Thompson told that after asking whether or not they were the drivers of the vehicle in question, an employee of the store said:

 "'ou are not allowed to purchase anything here, you have to leave now."

This was said while Thompson was standing there holding the outfits and other stuff she and her husband planned to purchase during their first visit to Buc-ee's in Baytown, Texas.

After the employee told them about their no-truck policy, Thompson said she and her husband were "escorted off the property."

Wow. That's hard to imagine. What would you have done in that situation?

You can read more details of the story via the links above. However, my questions for you are: 1. Did you know this was a policy in place at Buc-ee's? And also, 2. does this story diminish your admiration for the brand?

I'd love to hear your thoughts at

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