We have some great restaurants around East Texas, and if you had to pick one to be your home base every day for about a year and a half, which one would it be? 

A man in Ohio ate at Chipotle at least once a day for 500 straight days, and he finally decided to take a break because he got a little tired of it and said he was finally ready to eat something new.

Bruce Wayne broke the record for the most consecutive meals at Chipotle back in December at 426 days, and since that probably cost him about ten dollars per day, Chipotle pledged a $4,260 donation to a charity.  Wayne kept going until he hit 500 days just because he could.  And maybe because he hadn't quite achieved all of the possible rice-bean-meat-avocado-sauce combinations yet and wanted to give that a good go.

This got me thinking, is there any restaurant in East Texas that you would hit once a day for 500 days?

Clear Springs, Aspen Creek Grill, Sonic, Roast Social Kitchen, Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ, Whataburger, Mercado's, Popeye's, BJ's, Razoo's, and good ole Subway might provide some inspiration if you have an empty fridge at home and you're on the quest to let someone else do the cookin'.

Maybe you already have a streak going, and you just haven't let your restaurant of choice know yet.  Well...that's what social media is for.  We'll be watching.

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