People from all across Texas and from all across the country have been making the trip to Houston to try Trill Burgers, but now the companies founders are beefing.

Trill Burgers, the viral and very popular smash burger concept fronted by Texas hip hop legend Bun-B, became an instant hit after being crowned the best burger in the nation on Good Morning America in the summer of 2022.

Since then, the company opened up a brick-and-mortar building in Houston's Montrose area in June 2023 and have become one of the most popular vendors at the Houston Rodeo.

But now there's real beef on the grill between the companies co-founders which could lead to a court battle soon.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the UGK rapper is suing two co-founders of the burger restaurant, Patsy and Benson Vivares.

Bun B is seeking legal action against the two, who are siblings, accusing them of misusing $45,000 in profits from the Houston Rodeo in 2022. According to the suit, the Vivares controlled the money for the smashburger concept.

Bun B and two of his partners decided in the summer of 2022, following an issue over the alleged misappropriated funds, to end the partnership with the Vivares siblings.

But The Siblings Are Hitting Back With Their Own Counter Lawsuit.


The siblings claim in their countersuit that the popular burger restaurant idea was theirs alone, and they brought the rapper in.

As early as July 2021, Patsy and BJ claim that they began experimenting with the concept, formulating different recipes and applying different cooking techniques, ultimately finding the right balance and approach, the countersuit reads.

The siblings attorney says that were cut out right before the concept became a hit.

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