1987 - the year a little band called Guns 'N Roses took the world by storm. Appetite For Destruction hit store shelves with a brand of rock that, in my opinion at least, nobody could not like.

"Welcome To The Jungle" was the song that stuck with me just because it was a fast, fun song. "Mr. Brownstone" wasn't necessarily a softer side of the group but a good change of pace and still one of my favorites.

"Sweet Child of Mine" seems to be other artist's signature song from them as it's been covered so many times. If you need a definition of arena rock, look no further than "Paradise City".

I'd have to say that it was one of the greatest debut albums of all time.

Our friends at Loudwire have put together a documentary that you can watch now featuring Slash and Duff and a host of other artists including Corey Taylor of Stone Sour, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, wrestler Chris Jericho and others. Check it out below!

Happy anniversary Guns 'N Roses.

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