Metallica is my favorite band of all time. I own every album, I crossed them off my concert bucket list when I saw them in Arlington in 2017, their music always puts a smile on my face. Now, the album that introduced me to Metallica is celebrating it's 30th anniversary and I'm ready to fork over the money right now.

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Metallica's Black album is certainly a controversial album for Metallica, and thrash metal, fans. So many feel that Metallica "sold out" and believed they betrayed themselves and their fans. I can see that side of the argument. However, the Black album is what introduced me to Metallica. From there, I dug into their past albums and fell in love with their music even more.

My favorite Metallica song would be "Orion" which is an eight minute instrumental that tells a story better than any song ever without a single lyric. It is a true masterpiece of music.

Favorite album is a little tougher. Kill 'Em All is fantastic. Master of Puppets is a near flawless album. The Black album allowed everyone to know who Metallica was. Load and Reload are big experiments that worked but also didn't work. Death Magnetic brought them back to their thrash metal roots. I'm gonna wimp out and say I can't pick a favorite.

The Black album does have it's merits, love it or hate it. Enter Sandman has become their signature song even with so many more greater songs in their library. Sad But True is as hard as hard rock can get. The Unforgiven is a self reflecting power ballad. Nothing Else Matters is the perfect love song. My Friend of Misery is a jam and probably my favorite song on the album.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of their Black album. There are all kinds of goodies to pick up to celebrate this big anniversary. If you want the full meal deal, $239.98 will get you the limited edition deluxe numbered box set which contains the remastered Black album on 180-gram double LP vinyl, "Sad But True" picture disc, three live LPs, 14 CD's, six DVDs with unreleased live show video, MP3 download card of all audio, four tour laminates, lanyard, lyric folder and sheets, and a 120-page hardcover book with never-before-seen photos and unheard stories. And that's not even everything. Wow.

You can also pick up individual items celebrating the release. Just head over to to see all that's available. I may pick up the cassette release, even though I believe I still have it on cassette. I'll have to go through my cassette collection to see if I still do. All in all, I am super excited for this anniversary collection. Pre-order it now and it will arrive at your doorstep on September 10 when it all officially releases.

Metallica's Black Album 30th Anniversary Set

Metallica is celebrating the 30th anniversary of their biggest album ever in the Black album. Here's what all you can pick up to celebrate.

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