We told you just last week of the big rumor of a popular Texas Roadhouse offshoot restaurant coming to Tyler in the near future. That news got most of Tyler buzzing. That news has now been confirmed.

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Last Friday, we told you of the rumors of Bubba's 33 coming to Tyler in a historic, and very memory filled location for many Tylerites. At the time of that writing, the City of Tyler could only say that the company had talked with the city about building. Early this afternoon, it has now been confirmed that Bubba's 33 will come to the old Ken's Pizza location. The confirmation comes via the issuance of a building permit.

That building, which also housed Dairy Queen, and then later 5 Guys, will be demolished to make way for the new sports bar. Longview currently has a Bubba's 33 that is very popular and consistently receives good reviews. No word yet on when the project will begin.

Original Story From Friday, January 7

Small town rumors are always great to talk about. Being the public forum we are, we won't talk about individuals but we will talk about business rumors. The latest rumor going around has many in Tyler excited and this particular lifelong East Texan doing some Google searching.

Tylerites are well aware of Ken's Pizza in the French Quarter moving to the old Mr. Gatti's location after closing down. Personally, I have loved the move and have enjoyed my experience in the new spot. Others have not had a good experience or have just been "meh" about the move.

But I digress because that is not what this particular write up is about.

The move of Ken's Pizza leaves what can be considered a historic, or at least a memory filled, building empty. I for one have many memories in that particular building of enjoying the buffet then dropping a roll of quarters in the arcade there. Same for the old Mazzio's on Loop 323 where Exceptional Emergency Center sits now.

Okay, sorry, I'm getting off subject again.

The rumor mill is churning hard that the building that housed Ken's Pizza, along with Five Guys and Dairy Queen before it, will be demolished and a Bubba's 33 will be built in its location.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Bubba's 33? What is that? I had never heard of such an establishment.

Turns out it is an offshoot company of Texas Roadhouse. There is also a location in Longview. I honestly had no idea of either. After doing my crack research, I am excited for this rumor. Bubba's 33 is, in a nutshell, a sports bar with pizza, burgers and other food available. The one in Longview has a great reputation, too.

I reached out to the City of Tyler to see if there was any validity to these rumors of Bubba's 33 coming to Tyler. I was told by Sheila with Development Services that the owners of Bubba's 33 have discussed a site plan with the City of Tyler but no official land purchase or building permit has been filed at this point.

Where do we go from here?

I guess, as of now, we can only be excited for these rumors. For those who have never tried a Bubba's 33, including myself, we'll just have to make the short trip to Longview and try them out. Which will then probably add to our jealousy of Longview having a fun place to enjoy the game, have a cold beer and scarf down a pizza.

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