It's almost a tale as old as time. Two valiant warriors step that hail from the Lone Star State have stepped into the proverbial area. With both hailing from Waco, Texas, there is sure to palpable buzz in the air.

The debate may rage on for centuries, but one thing is for certain: both of these drinks have illustrious histories behind them. But the question has to be asked: which of these sodas is the best?

Prepare your arguments, as it is time to decide.

Which Is The Better Texas Soda? Big Red Or Dr. Pepper? [VOTE BELOW]

It is seriously an interesting question to pose to the entire state of Texas. So let's start with a few basics in terms of when the sodas first came into existence. We introduce Dr. Pepper first.

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The doctor with 23 flavors was brought into the lives of Texans back in the year of 1885. One pharmacist, by the name Charles Alderton, made the drink while supplying thirsty patrons at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store, his place of work. With the assortment of scents in the store, he made it a point to make something that tasted as good as the store smelt.

52 years later, Big Red entered the soda ring in 1937. While not created in a pharmacy, Big Red instead was made reality in a laboratory. Thanks to the efforts of Grover C. Thomsen and R.H. Roark, the soda was brought into our lives.

Both sodas didn't start out with the names we know today. Dr. Pepper's naming history is a little bit cloudy, and Big Red being called Sun Tang Red Cream Soda until one suggestion changed the whole identity.

Time To Vote

Only one can be called the true favorite of Texans everywhere. So let's settle this here and now!

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