Summer plans are being made by many across East Texas. Those plans could be tropical in nature or just a quick Saturday trip to Splash Kingdom. A nice road trip that could be added to the summer itinerary is to Waco. Here you can find a really cool water park that includes surfing, wakeboarding and the world's longest lazy river.

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Waco Surf is located off Highway 84 just outside of Waco proper. This water park is a little different from your usual water parks, instead of thrilling rides and a wave pool, you can learn to surf, take in some time on a beach or just grab a float and let the lazy river relax you. There's the very unique cable park has you strapping on a board and getting pulled around on the many jumps.

I have never surfed. Being that you can take lessons to learn is pretty cool here. You may not be able to tackle the huge waves of say, Hawai'i, when you're done but its the cool experience of learning that could make it a lot of fun.

There are a multitude of ways to book your fun at Waco Surf. There's even the option to be able to stay at the park so you can be closer to all the action.

There's lots that can be done this summer in East Texas with our many lakes and places like Splash Kingdom or the Waterpark at the Villages. There's nothing wrong with a good road trip, though.

Check out Waco Surf at and see if they have a package that will be perfect for your summer adventures.

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