It's been interesting to hear, or rather read, the chatter on social media. First I noticed it while perusing my own accounts and hearing the feedback from people in my community circles. Those who, only a month ago, touted Fox News as their go-to news source have begun distancing and even demonizing the network they once so loved.

Curious, I began to read comments and articles on a broader scale to see if this was simply something I was observing on a local level or was this a more widespread trend? All signs point to a national trend among conservative viewers.

Why the sudden departure?

Viewers feel betrayed and angry with Fox News after what they consider to be the unfair coverage and handling during the election season. Some of accused them of painting a rosy narrative of Joe Biden. Some are angry that they called Arizona for the democrats even before CNN. Another powerful catalyst is when they pulled away in the middle of Trump's late-night speech on election night. Perhaps when they referred to "President-elect Biden," their fate was sealed.

I've seen many a post on Facebook with once-Fox News-devotees joking for other like-minded people to go to the Fox News Facebook page and refresh a few times just to see the follower count dropping.

Since then, their ratings been dropping. Surprisingly so.

Where are they going now instead of Fox News? Many have mentioned Newsmax as their new outlet.

For the record, Newsmax is based in West Palm Beach, Florida and that the owner is reported on Wikipedia as a confidante of Donald Trump. Do with that information what you will.

Some former Fox News fans have said they will continue to support some of the personalities they loved the most, including Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson--but not on Fox News. Some even claim they want to see a "Trump News Network."

Your thoughts East Texas?

Here are some of the comments we've been seeing in regard to the mass exodus from the network:

Are Conservatives Abandoning Fox News?



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