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Put on your best ahegao face and iron your dakimakura, because an adults-only anime convention is coming to Texas exactly one year from now- that is, September 24th, 2021.

Ecchi Expo is strictly 18+, even on the website.

Celebrate the wonderful world of Japanese fan-service illustration, merchandise, and animation at ECCHI EXPO, an exclusive 18+ hotel anime convention at the Crowne Plaza Austin, September 24-26, 2021.

Activities include the con usuals, although I imagine they will be quite spicier- cosplay contests, screenings, panels, exhibits, and artists. In addition to this, there will be shibari workshops, which is the art of binding a human body in beautifully knotted patterns of rope, and an ahegao face contest. That's the cross-eyed-tongue-out look that's popular with in your average waifu art.

Get your wigs ready, we're driving to Austin (in a year, you've got time to re-read your favorite hentai).

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