This may be a way to get parents to bring the kids along on the next sushi outing.  Cheetos!  Crunched up Cheetos line the outside of the sushi roll (it's one of their potential concepts) to make a one-of-a-kind sushiritto at one Tyler restaurant, and I'm curious what you think about it.

I could eat sushi rolls every single day and never get tired of them and Go Fish off the Loop is somewhat of a regular spot for me.

My 9-year-old said the other day that she's starting to crave California and Las Vegas rolls too.  The other two younger kids haven't quite come to their sushi senses yet, but I'll give them time.  Letting them know they can get the added bonus of Cheetos might speed up the process.

Go Fish Japanese Kitchen in Tyler will be offering the Cheetoritto starting Monday, December 11. When they announced it on their Facebook page some of the comments were classic.  They ranged from "total sushi blasphemy," to "do you deliver?"  Some just wanted to know if it was regular Cheetos or the hot ones - fair question.

The coated cheetorito is just one of the concepts chefs at the restaurant are working on. In the end, we won't really know what it looks like until they release it to the world on December 11.

Are you grossed out?  Excited?  Go Fish still has the other sushi rolls and Poke bowls and all of the usuals, so there's no reason to get too uptight about the Cheetos experiment. Sushi purists can still chase it with a side of yellow fin and original sushi rolls.

Or they can try their Heat Challenge - the Kiss of Fire - made with habanero extract that has 5 tiers, one being the lowest and 5 being the spiciest.

If you want to go see what you, think, Go Fish is at 127 WSW loop 323 in Tyler.

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