So a horse walks into a bar...

Or in this case a Taco Bell.

Why did he do it, and do you think we'll see more of this?  

Fox 4 in Dallas said Lathan Crump had just finished competing in tie-down calf roping at the Commerce rodeo and he always goes to Taco Bell after a competition.  Rather than park the horse outside, he rode right through the front door this time.

There was no sign that said "no horses" apparently, so this cowboy took it to mean "horses welcome."  The other people in the restaurant seem kind of entertained by it, and "Hollywood the horse" seems cool with all the new fame after getting attention on social media.

We probably won't see too many horses inside Tyler or Longview Taco Bell locations because, well, most of us don't drive horses to work or to school.  Anyone have a chihuahua?  That restaurant is an animal magnet.

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