LEGO announced a couple of months ago about a new partnership between them and Nintendo. It is slowly turning into a perfect match. First, we got news of a Super Mario Bros. themed LEGO set. Now, we could be able to build our own replica Nintendo console.

Enter your number to get our free mobile app has reported that a new set from LEGO that will allow you to build your own replica Nintendo console will be coming soon. And when I write soon, that would be August 1, about three weeks away. Leaked images are all we have at this point but there is a nice teaser from the official LEGO Twitter account.

There is also a nice image of what could be the box for the new set from the Let's Go Create Facebook page.

The Nintendo Life article indicates it will run about $250. I'm all for it and can't wait until we get official word on this new LEGO set.

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