One of the best games for the original Nintendo Entertainment System is The Legend of Zelda. That theme song will forever be stuck in our heads with all the hours we put into the game. For 2021, Nintendo has been celebrating the 35th anniversary of the game's release. One way to celebrate is the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch, a fun new handheld device full of nostalgia.

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The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch is based off of some of the first handheld games Nintendo ever made. Those games were very simple in nature of gameplay and controls. Even the graphics were super simple with a basic LCD screen. This handheld is a bit more advanced than the original Game & Watch systems.

The box is really cool all in gold with some artwork from the first game on the front. Once you get the tape off of both ends, you can slide that sleeve off to reveal a more traditional looking Game & Watch box, which still looks really good.

Time to open the box and get inside

The Game & Watch slides out and is sitting in a nice looking black insert with a Triforce logo on one end. The Game & Watch itself can be turned on straight out of the box. Mine had about a 50 percent charge already. You're greeted by a short opening scene then taken to the clock screen.

The clock features the current time with scenes from the game being played out. You can take control of that particular scene by pressing the directional pad. There is also a playable timer.

Time to get into the nitty gritty of the system, the games

There are three games included with the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch; Legend of Zelda and Zelda II The Adventure of Link from the Nintendo Entertainment System and Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening from the Nintendo Gameboy. Even on the, I'm guessing, 3 by 3 screen, each game looks and plays great.

I am most familiar with the Legend of Zelda. Zelda II I played sparingly. It is such a different game than the first one that I found it hard to get into all those years ago. I never owned Link's Awakening but have played it through emulators. It is a really fun game even in the monochrome of the Game Boy.

My overall thoughts on the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch

The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch is a fun handheld full of nostalgia. For $49.99, you're getting three games from one of the most storied franchises in all of gaming. It will make for a great present for any gamer or game collector in your life.

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