Pastel Easter eggs are no big surprise, so if you've grown tired of the ordinary and you're ready to level up to a metallic hunt, this egg hack will make you a hero.

You know it's Easter weekend when the whole house smells like vinegar, right?  A couple of tablespoons mixed with water and a blue tablet in the kitchen, and the next thing you know you're smelling vinegar upstairs in the game room while you're trying to concentrate on building your dream house on Minecraft.  Even the wood planks smell sour.

I grew up with vinegar dye kits every Easter and I love the smell, and my own kids now stick their noses right in there and get a good whiff every time we color eggs.  I guess vinegar reminds us of pickles and there's something irresistible about inhaling it.  But if the fumes get on your nerves, this egg hack will spare you the traditional pain.

The experiment starts with a dry egg, like super dry, with not even a smudge of dampness on it.  Anything wet will keep the experiment from working.  The Youtube comments say the effect can be accomplished with an egg that is raw or hard-boiled, so I'm thinking it's worth a try to get a hard-boiled sliver egg this Easter.  You could even make a contest out of it, with the kid who finds the silver egg winning a huge chocolate bunny as a prize.

To end up with a silver egg, "Hold an egg near a candle flame to cover it with soot. It will need to be completely covered."  Some of the videos I've seen use a butane lighter with a constant flame to cover the egg in black soot.  Once the egg is coated, immerse it in a bowl of water, and watch as the "carbon in the soot repels the water and holds a fine film of air. This will give the egg a silvered mirror appearance."

All without vinegar.

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