About 15 years ago my Texas radio career took an unexpected turn & I ended up in New Orleans.  Living in the The Big Easy was certainly a "unique" experience, but one of the most enjoyable parts was the terrific food.  Top-shelf creole-style dishes are everywhere, with the relatively simplistic yet incredibly delicious Po' Boy sandwiches a lunchtime staple.

This week, Lola's in Tyler pays homage to the NOLA classic, offering up their "Catch 22".  It's an awesome combo of fresh lightly hand-battered fried shrimp on a French roll, dressed with lettuce, tomato, & Lola's own take on remoulade.  While the "Catch 22" is available all week, the daily shrimp supply is limited (to guarantee freshness), so the later in the day it gets, the more likely you'll get shut out.  Sounds like a great reason to head over to Lola's for an early lunch!


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