He loves her uniform and thinks her eyes sparkle like diamonds.

That's the sentiment a 9-year-old boy sent to his crush as he passed her notes in class.  To many, that would simply be a sweet and innocent infraction of classroom policy.

But a school district in Florida is threatening the fourth-grader with sexual harassment charges if he doesn't stop.

Why? Well, the note-writing seems to have created further distractions in the classroom.  It seems other students discovered the notes and began teasing the boy, going so far as to accuse him of wanting to see his "girlfriend" naked.

That's the reason the note passing has to stop, according to Hillsborough schools. The notes themselves may be perfectly innocent but they want the distractions and the teasing to stop.

They say that, unfortunately, the boy's affections are not reciprocated and the little girl would like the notes to stop as well. School officials also worry about the embarrassment the boy is enduring because of his note passing.

Still, the boy's mother is upset that her son might be accused of sexual harassment.

"My 9-year-old doesn't even know what sexual harassment means," she said.

The school district insists it has no intentions of contacting the authorities regarding the matter.

Sadly, our young Romeo is learning a bit of a hard lesson when it comes to courting the ladies.

A Tampa clinical psychologist told ABC Action News this still may be a good opportunity to teach both boys and girls about boundaries when it comes to relationships.

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