Police in Michigan pulled 87-year-old Leo Sharp over during a routine traffic stop. Sharp refused a search of his pickup truck and drug sniffing dogs found almost 228 pounds of cocaine in the back.

More puzzling in the case is the fact that Sharp has no prior criminal record. According to his lawyer, Sharp “has never used drugs and claims he is innocent.” He claims someone forced him to transport the nearly $3 million worth of cocaine across state lines at gunpoint.

Don’t let old people fool you. They’re crafty.They pretend not to know how to text, email or walk faster than three miles-per-hour but on the down-low they’re actually geriatric Tony Montanas smuggling 104 bricks of cocaine in between podiatrist visits and early bird dinners. “Say hello to my little friend! He will be joining me for the early bird today. Two coffees please. No, we brought our own sugar, thanks for asking.”

[WXYZ via BroBible]