Let's see if we can do this love list without mentioning brands like Shiner, Whataburger, Justin Boots, and Buc-ee's, and others that just scream Texas.  (Ok, we already can't do it).

What things do you love about Texas, besides our awesome products?  Think wildflowers and wide open sky, and add to our list!

I Love Texas shared a post recently by Bob Cummings, and asked for comments about the things we love the most here in this amazing, beautiful, and slightly quirky state of Texas, and the some of the things that people came up with are pretty right on.

What do you love, love, love about Texas?  I'd say the hot summers at the pool, what seems like ten good restaurants for every two people, boots with skirts, it's laid back, and it has the aroma of barbecue almost every weekend.  Someone is always grillin'. What else?

Facebook comments on the I Love Texas page say this, about the things we love.  Do you agree?

10 Things We Love About Texas

  1. Wildflowers
  2. Wide Open Sky
  3. Texas state of mind
  4. We are friendly
  5. Sunsets
  6. The food
  7. The honkeytonks
  8. You can drive all day and still be in Texas
  9. High school football
  10. "If I had to explain it, you would not understand it."

Enough said!  Maybe Texas really is a state of mind.

When we start with the basics like these, all of the other things that get lots of love like the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys, Six Flags Over Texas, the beer and barbecue and Mexican food restaurants, the live music venues, and the Blue Bell...well, that's all icing on our big fat cakes.  Which are already bigger in Texas.

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