Anyone know where that Hook 'em Horns sign came from?

A University of Texas cheerleader first flashed that famous Hook 'em Horns sign at a pep rally in 1955 before Texas played TCU, and it didn't take long before it became associated with UT at spots around the world.  It's gone hand-in-hand with Longhorn games for the past 59 years, and it's even been turned upside down by fans of a few rival schools.

The person that created the sign has passed away at the age of 87.

Harley Clark passed away this week on his family farm near Dripping Springs, outside of Austin, according to UT.  After finishing school, Clark went on to a successful career as a lawyer, and eventually became a state judge.

The Longhorns have a huge game this weekend at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, against rival Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout.  Think they'll pay tribute to Harley Clark during the game?

Fans may not know who Clark is, but I bet they'll carry on his legacy.