stupid things people do

Woman Assaults Boyfriend For Not Having Sex
An Iowa woman was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend after he refused to have sex with her. The Press Citizen explains that Melissa Barbara Minarsich, 28, just needed a little sweet loving and wanted to make that incredibly clear to her boyfriend.
Man Steals Empty Adult DVD Cases In Robbery Attempt
The basket of a bike is useful for transporting almost anything; school books, extra terrestrials, the head of a sledge hammer tied to a rope or even empty porn DVD cases.  The Salina News Journal explains how 21-year-old Juan Aguirre almost pulled off the heist of the century. Kidding. He botc…
Worst Beer Thieves Ever Take Best Mugshots Ever
Instead of just getting fake IDs like the rest of us, three 19-year-olds from Covina, CA devised a plot to steal two 30-packs of Tecate beer from a local grocery.
According to police, Nicholas Kalscheuer and Nicholas Fiumetto each tried to walk out of the store with a case of the suds. However, a sto…
Man Pulls Gun on Taco Bell Employee Over Hot Sauce Mix-Up
Jeremy Combs couldn’t bear the thought of eating Taco Bell without some extra spice.
So when the 30-year-old returned home from the the fast food restaurant and found no hot sauce in his order, he hopped right into his pick up truck, drove back to Taco Bell, and pulled a shotgun …
Ouch! Bike Racer Completely Forgets About Hurdle
When it comes to traditional forms of bike racing, staying on the bike is rule number one. With Cyclocross on the other hand, dismounting and dodging obstacles is par for the course. While we’re sure Cyclocross is tons of fun, from the looks of this video, it can also be pretty painful if, like Joey…
Best Advice About Who Not To Take Home To Mom – Our Top Five
I saw some pretty disturbing images this past weekend. A group of friends and I went to Shreveport, LA to celebrate another one of us turning the magical age of 21. We were pumped to get out of Tyler and go to a place where the bars stayed open until 6 am
Grandmas Shotgun Beers at Michigan Football Game [VIDEO]
Two women of a certain age proved that that you can still have fun decades after graduation when they shotgunned cans of Michelob Ultra at a tailgate party. The ladies were captured on video in a University of Michigan parking lot before the Wolverines’ football game against Eastern …
Billionaire Punches Another Billionaire on Russian TV [VIDEO]
When fists fly on American television, usually it’s a ‘Jersey Shore‘ cast member or a ‘Jerry Springer’ guest that’s involved.
In further proof that things are different in Russia, two of that nation’s best-known citizens, billionaire media mogul Alexander Lebedev and billionaire property developer Se…
Eel Slithers Up Man’s Penis During Spa Treatment
A day at the spa is supposed to be relaxing, but not for one Chinese man that had a beauty treatment go horribly wrong. Metro UK explains in graphic detail how one excited eel ended up in Zhang Nan’s bladder after taking the scenic route through his urethra.

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