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Man Sues White Castle Over Booth Size
Normally a lawsuit involving a fast food chain and a patron has something to do with the food. In the case of Martin Kessman versus White Castle the main complaint by Mr. Kessman is that the restaurant’s booths aren’t big enough. Online Dish explains how his local Whi…
Inventor Blows Roof Off Home Trying To Brew Vodka
We’ve heard of basement beer brewing and home wine making but never experiments involving the creation of a bootleg vodka. Maybe because the whole process could be damn dangerous in the hands of amateurs.
The Daily Mail explains how an inventor in a South Wales village blew the roof o…
EPIC FAIL – Very Bad Choice In Background Music [NSFW]
We make mistakes -- I know I take measures to not make the same mistakes twice. How many of us have shot out an email with the wrong "here/hear" -- yep I am sad to admit that I have done it. What is great about finding "EPIC FAILS" is that I have the opportunity to realize I ma…
Man’s Facebook Date Used as Unwitting Getaway Driver
Leah Gibbs was so impressed with Adam Minton’s Facebook profile that she agreed to go on a date with the man she knew just through the social networking site.
The 23-year-old Australian woman probably realized this wasn’t going to be a traditional date when Minton kick…
Shoot An AK-47 At Your Boss?
How's your Friday going?
We found this great video of an employee shooting a AK-47 at his boss. This video was created as an endorsement for bullet proof glass. It is pretty incredible that the guy sits there and doesn't hit the ground as the rounds are fired off. Check out this epic vid…
Man Has Sex With Pool Raft
From the "now that's effing sick" files, Fox 19 out of Cincinnati, Ohio is reporting that a 32 year old man was arrested and charged with public indecency after neighbors caught him having sex with a pink swimming pool raft!  More after the jump.
‘Stocking’ Is the New New New Planking [PHOTOS]
If you’re done with planking, and you don’t have the pool required for leisure diving, or the friend required for horsemaning, maybe the latest photo game called “stocking” is for you.
To play, all you have to do is find a stock photo of somebody doing one of the mundane things that are featured in s…
Spider-Man Endures Hurricane Irene [VIDEO]
Despite the country’s diligent precautions, Hurricane Irene left a path of destruction in her wake. It was enough to even scare Spider-Man, who sounded a little intimidated by Irene during this interview with a local ABC reporter. Even superheroes need to evacuate sometimes…
Indian Train Surfing Is Completely Insane [VIDEO]
In this video, a bunch of Indian youths grab hold of the side of a train and “surf” it through the station’s platform. Then the train leaves the station, with the boys still casually hanging on, and things go from pretty nutty to completely insane.
Streaker Flashes a Live Weather Channel Broadcast
The Weather Channel has never really needed a delay button before, but it may want to look into getting one now.
During a live broadcast from Hurricane Irene-ravaged Virginia on Saturday, reporter Eric Fisher was unexpectedly upstaged when a dude dressed in swim trunks ran behind him, pulled his trun…

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