I saw some pretty disturbing images this past weekend. A group of friends and I went to Shreveport, LA to celebrate another one of us turning the magical age of 21. We were pumped to get out of Tyler and go to a place where the bars stayed open until 6 am. Our first stop of course was the Horse Shoe Casino. Upon arriving and finding a decent spot in the parking garage I had my first WTF moment. There was a girl squatting with her pants on by the entrance to the elevators. As we got closer she stood up and stumbled away, with a huge wet spot on the seat of her pants (ew). The events of that evening have inspired me to give you guys a run down on ways to tell that a girl isn't worth it.

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    She Is Having Trouble Walking

    Alright gentlemen, this one should be a given. Is she is having to have other people assist her with the act of walking or standing? Chances are that she has made some poor choices already tonight. Better steer clear because it isn't long after the stumbling begins that the vomiting starts.

    arslion, Flickr
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    Over The Top Flirting

    Flirting in itself is wonderful and fun. There is nothing like feeling that spark of attraction and wanting to get to know the other person more. Problems occur when you just met a girl and she is acting like your girlfriend or even worse, like your own personal lap dancer.

    Brodaman, Flickr
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    She Is Dressed Like A Two Dollar Hooker

    Skin is sexy. Men like to see it and women are more than happy to show it off. There are classy ways to do it, and a woman doesn't have to go around displaying her ladies bits. Sometimes less is more because if you see a girl at a club with her knockers hanging out there is a good chance she doesn't mind them being out because so many have seen them.

    Emily-Jade Dix, Flickr
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    Dry Humping On The Dance Floor

    Yep, I said it. If she is basically having sex with you on the dance floor then she is no good. There are ways to go out and dance without it being just about grinding groins together. Last weekend I saw a couple out of the dance floor and he was standing behind her grouping her chest. Have some self-respect people...

    supsukkaface, Flickr
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    Little Miss Drama

    Drama is very unwanted in most social outings. When you mix a emotionally unstable girl with alcohol you will find that the outcome is a whole lot of crazy. If she is a little tipsy and threatening to fight every other girl in the bar then cut your loses and run in the other direction.

    hungry kara, Flickr