stupid things people do

Man Stuck in Child’s Swing Overnight
A California man was found in a child’s swing Saturday morning after reportedly being stuck for about nine hours. A groundskeeper at the park heard a man screaming when he arrived at work and called the police to investigate.
Guy Gets Slapped by a Forklift [VIDEO]
You can pick your friends. You can pick your wife. You can’t pick the people you spend the most time with every day — your coworkers. You’re stuck with the good ones, the annoying ones and the ones that occasionally try to take your face off.
Man Arrested For Having Sex With Dog
In Memphis, a man named Kimberly Lawson was arrested after witnesses reported to authorities that he had sex with a woman's dog in her backyard.
Police reports state that the incident sparked when neighbors of the elderly woman called and reported seeing Lawson having multiple inappropriate relations…
10 Classic Coach Meltdowns [VIDEO]
That whole Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz tussle was fun wasn’t it? Two grown men mixing it up over a professional sporting event. Stuff like that usually only happens in every single sports bar on any given day.

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